NEW: Generation II


One operation removes dust, grease and static. The best method of record cleaning, essential for all record collectors. For maximum listening enjoyment. Made in Germany!


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NEW: Generation II


+ Shaft lock

+ Hand crank

+ Label protector with rubber seal

Record bath with integral brush of soft goats hair.

Disco-Antistat 2

Delivered as complete set


  1. Record bath with integral brush of soft goats hair.
  2. Label protector with spindle.
  3. One litre of DISCO-ANTISTAT-MIXTURE. Can be reused multiple times.
  4. Tunnel with filter papers for reuse of DISCO-ANTISTAT-MIXTURE.
  5. Drying rack and drip tray for 15 records. Fits into base of bath when not in use.


Dear music fan!


Having bought the DISCO-ANTISTAT II means essential progress regarding cleaning and care of your valuable records. From now on you are in the position to clean and make antistatical old and contaminated records just like new. Even records which have been played by using a sort of liquid can now be played with a dry surface. But also new records will immediately be antistatical after use of DISCO-ANTISTAT II. Even after extreme stress, the most sensitive measuring instruments will not indicate any statical charge. Through the new KNOSTI-method you will enjoy your music without any interferences.

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